Blitz Bowl QR Sheet

Blitz Bowl is an awesome game, which is annoyingly only available in the US and Germany. Originally designed as an entry point for Blood Bowl it's a very different game with different mechanics.  In my experience people who love Blood Bowl play BB sevens, and people who don't like Blood Bowl like Blitz Bowl. Games take 30-45 minutes, include most of the classic Blood Bowl teams, and campaign rules are available that allow a full campaign in 2 or 3 club nights.

The rules are easy to teach, but even so a quick reference sheet is always useful for new and experienced players.

This QR sheet includes:

  • A summery off the game play sequence
  • Dice results for block and foul actions
  • Which actions a player can make based on their status (including the new foul action)
  • Victory conditions
  • A handy list of things to remember
  • The back of the sheet includes player abilities for all the teams in the base game


Click here to view the QR sheet in my public OneDrive folder.  From there you can select download to save a copy of the pdf.

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