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Blood & Plunder is a fantastic large skirmish game set in the golden age of sail.  Featuring historical factions in the the new world (including pirates) you battle on land and sea with a hand full of d10s and a unique card based Initiative system.  Games are reasonably fast with a typical 200pt battle possible in under 2 hours, making this an excellent game for an evening at the club.

As the game has matured additional books have been released, which means rules spread across multiple sources.  That can be a problem when looking up an status or effect, but one easily fixed by collecting everything together in a glossary!


The A4 and US letter versions of the glossary include the quick reference sheet at the back, alternatively you can download the QR sheet as a stand-alone file.

Alternate download location


Like the Oak & Iron Glossary, this contains all the unit special rules and weapons for Blood & Plunder.  Currently this is limited to the core rules, no peace beyond the line, and fire on the frontier, but I hope to add additional rule books as I get access to them. This gives you a single book to look up information during play, with everything arranged in alphabetical order so you can quickly find the right entry without referencing an index.  Hyperlinks are included to aid navigation, for example under the Weapons entry you'll find links to Musket, Pike, and all the other weapons used in the game.

In the future (time allowing) I want to create a version of the glossary for iPad and android tables with additional hyperlinks as this is my preferred use.

The glossary includes:

Contains weapons, unit and character special rules, as well as ship maneuvers and fortification types.

Events tables
Original, Universal, Land and See event tables.

Weather and wind tables
Including tables for tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, and cold climates.

Critical damage tables
Buildings, fortifications, ship hull, rigging, and boat critical hit tables.

Quick reference sheet
4 page QR sheet (also available separately) contains the core information for ship and land battles.

Quick Reference

Having already created the quick reference sheet for Oak & Iron before I started playing Blood & Plunder I had a good idea about what we needed and could start making notes from my very first game.

This double sided sheet contains all the information you need for a game of blood and plunder. Available in A4 and US Letter formats the sheet is best printed double sided and laminated.  Each section includes a page reference for the B&P core rule book in case you need to look something up.

I have arranged everything to minimise page turning.  Side 1 contains all the core information for play, turn order, actions and small arms combat.  For many land games, this single side will be all you need.  Side 2 holds all the info for artillery and explosives (using the current artillery rules).

Ship & Boat Quick Reference

The second double sided sheet contains all the information you need for ship battles.  Having this on a separate sheet reduces clutter when you're fighting on land which is especially useful for very new players, giving them less to worry about as they learn the core mechanics of Blood & Plunder.


This is the point where I begin to go overkill with player aids!  Playing our first few games we would regularly forget to apply weather effects.  We needed a way to note down any weather  changes and the effects on the game.  The tracker is designed to be printed and laminates (or use a document wallet) so you can mark the current effects with a dry erase marker. Included are weather tables to track the current wind speed and weather, and quickly find it's effects on gameplay.  The turn counter provides an easy way to track which turn it is. Before the tracker we used dice and that worked great, but by having it here I'm more likely to check and remember the weather effects.  Finally the game information section provides space for the scenario name, type, chosen climate, and which events tables will be used.

Sharing the glossary

  • Please feel free to print out the glossary and share it with your friends and conventions.
  • If talking about the glossary on your site or blog please include links to
  • Finally, please direct people to this page to download the file, rather than hosting a copy on your site without prior agreement.  This ensures people download the latest version of the files.
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