Quick reference sheets and player aids

Game glossary, QR sheets and other player aids for some of my favourite games.

We all hate having to stop in the middle of a game to thumb though a rule book looking something up.  A great quick reference sheet can help remind new players of the turn sequence and core rules, while replacing the rulebook entirely for more experienced players.

When I learn a new game I keep a mental note of rules I forget during play or things I find complicated.  My goal with a QR sheet is to:

  • Include the things I forgot as a new player.
  • Replace the rule book entirely for experienced players.
  • Create something to help first time players when I am teaching the game.

I tend to start early, as soon as I've played a game for the first time, then tweak it as I become more comfortable with the rules and gain a better understanding of what it needed and what doesn't really matter during play.  Feedback from friends and players helps me remove unnecessary fluff (and spot the many typos).

Please feel free to make use of these sheets and guides, print them out and share with friends.  I ask that you direct people to this site rather than hosting the files yourself, as it'll help ensure everyone has access to the latest updates and fixes.

Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition

Blitz Bowl is a fantastic fast play alternative to Blood Bowl uses unique mechanics to capture the speed and mayhem of fantasy football. It's easy to teach, plays in 30-45 minutes and includes most of the Blood Bowl teams giving you new options for your existing miniatures. It's single, massive downside this that it's only available in Germany and the US, which is a shame because I think it would fly off the shelves in the rest of the world without poaching players from Blood Bowl (the games are different enough that people who like one are not into the other.

This double sided QR sheet with information on the game sequence, block and foul dice results, available actions and a list of things to remember.

The reverse contains all the player abilities.  Designed to minimise having to look things up in the rules, it includes page references when more detail is needed.

Blood & Plunder Quick Reference Sheets and Glossary

A double sided QR sheet contains tables, and core rules for play.  A second sheet containing ship combat rules can be added when playing naval battles.

The glossary contains all the unit special rules, weapons, and status effects for easy look up during play.

Contains rules and effects from:

  • Core rules
  • No peace beyond the line
  • Fire on the frontier
  • New artillery rules
  • Up to date with the latest errata.

Oak & Iron Glossary

The one that started it all.  Contains every rule, status, upgrade, and game system, listed in alphabetical order, in an easy to read, printer friendly format.

The glossary really comes into its own when used on a digital device such as a tablet, where the reader can use the many hyperlinks to navigate around, quickly finding the information they need.

A 2-page quick reference sheet is included at the end, designed to be printed double sided, it contains the most common information needed during battles, reducing the amount of time spent looking up rules in the book.

The glossary has been adopted by Firelock games as an official game aid.

Gaslands Refuled


Double sided QR sheet packed full of useful tables and examples of collisions.  The turn sequence clearly marks when collision windows occur as well as a step by step process for resolving collisions. The QR sheet focuses on stuff you'll need while playing and is designed to be new player friendly.

The standard game QR sheet is available in A4 and US letter formats.

There is also a experimental A4 QR sheet for the RnD rules published by Mike Hutchinson on his blog.