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Oak & Iron is a tabletop wargame set in the golden age of sail, think fleets of pirates in the Caribbean, and the massive battles of the Anglo Dutch wars.  The game is fast and easy to play but punches well above its weight in capturing the theme of sailing ships in the 17th and 18th century. Anyone who has played X-wing will be familiar with the mechanics of this game, using move templates and custom dice to resolve attacks and skill checks.  But rather than zooming around space in a nimble fighter, you'll be forming lines of battle in slow sailing ships bristling with cannon.

Adopted by Firelock Games as the official game glossary

"We love the amount of work and effort you have put into the glossary"

Firelock Games

Oak and Iron core box front cover.Overview

The entry point into the game is the 2-player core box, containing everything you need to start fighting naval battles.  From there you can expand your fleets with more ships, from small, fast pirate vessels, up to giant 1st rate ships of the line.  The models are push-fit, and can be used as is, but look fantastic when painting up, especially when matched with 3d custom terrain.

The rulebook including in the core box is laid out to introduce new players, step-by-step, to the game.  This is perfect for getting you quickly into your first game, but can be frustrating for experienced players, when they want to clarify a rule or look up a forgotten ability.

That is where my Oak & Iron Glossary comes in!

Every rule, status, upgrade, and game system is listed in alphabetical order, in an easy to read, printer friendly format.   The glossary really comes into its own when used on a digital device such as a tablet, where the reader can use the many hyperlinks to navigate around, quickly finding the information they need.

Glossary contents

  • A full list of every rule, effect, status, and upgrade in the latest version of Oak & Iron.
  • Including the official FAQ and rules clarifications made by Mike at Firelock Games.
  • A 2-page, quick reference sheet with the most common information needed during play.
  • A single page, step-by-step guide on starting a new game.
  • Information on building your squadron.
  • A guide to fleet battles involving more than 2 players.

Quick Reference sheet

A double sided quick reference sheet is included in the print versions of the glossary (and as a separate file) containing useful information including:

  • Information and steps for each phase of the game.
  • Allowed actions for each ship status.
  • Diagrams explaining formation, line of sight, broadside path, and rakes.
  • A guide to the tokens used during play.
  • Reference of the custom dice used in the game.
  • Table of useful things to remember and commonly forgotten rules.


All files are in .pdf format. I recommend using Adobe reader for your device in single page mode.

Alternative download location

I have included examples of play with new custom graphics, all presented on a single page to minimise flipping through the document.

Digital hyperlinks help you quickly navigate around the document on an iPad or android tablet. This is my preferred way to use the glossary, alongside a printed and laminated QR sheet.

The most common information needed during play is listed on the front page of the quick reference sheet, including the latest information on allowed actions.

The glossary for iPad and Android includes hyperlinks throughout to quickly navigate between terms.  In addition alphabetical and section hyperlinks are avalable at the bottom of each page.


You can leave feedback, suggestions, and error corrections by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page, or on the Oak & Iron facebook page.


Change log

2024 05 12 - 1.02b

  • Improved entries for Additional crew action, Anchored, Capture or destroy shaken ships, Crew actions, Cut free, Entangled.

2023 04 26 - 1.02a

  • Added Android and iPad versions of the glossary, resized for tablet screens with the correct aspect ratio. Added A4 and US Letter Quick Reference sheets as a separate download (needed when using the Android or iPad glossary as they do not include the QR sheet).
  • Added special rules for each nation (as featured on the nation card in the core box) Updated introduction which includes customised information on each format. Fixed some minor typos. Cleaned up spelling and grammar to be more consistent (US English)


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