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This site is a personal blog, focused on my love of tabletop wargames, boardgames and OSR roleplaying games.
I love making things and here you'll find my attempts to create useful content for games like quick reference guides, custom character sheets and player aids, along with little maker project (of variable success and usefulness).

It's also a handy place to share my hiking and cycling adventures with maps, photo galleries and GPS tracks.

Tabletop Player Aids

Game glossary, QR sheets and other player aids for some of my favorite games.

Wargame Modelling Tutorials

Create custom rigging for your ships, improved game components, and terrain tutorials.

Outdoor Adventures

Hiking, Camping, and Cycling around the UK and beyond.

Website improvements

I am in the process of tidying up the website using my new skills and experience so you will notice some minor improvements over the next few weeks:

  • Cleaning up and improving the home page with more useful links and a new image banner.
  • Tidying up the layout of content pages.
  • Optimised images to improve load times.
  • Introduction of a new gallery system linked ot my cloud storage (Google Drive or OneDrive, TBD)

Paul – May 2024

Universal Storage

A modular payload mod for Kerbal Space Program. Developed in partnership with Simon Hinton.

The original mod Universal Storage was released in 2016. Followed 2 years later by the sequel, Universal Storage II. The mod is currently maintained by LinuxGuruGamer.

Latest Posts

Blood & Plunder Glossary

The Blood & Plunder Glossary contains all the unit special rules and weapons for Blood & Plunder. This gives you a single book to look up information during play, with everything arranged in alphabetical order so you can quickly find the right entry without referencing an index. A quick reference sheet give all the core information for land and sea battles.

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Blitz Bowl QR Sheet

Blitz Bowl is an awesome game, which is annoyingly only available in the US and Germany. Originally designed as an entry point for Blood Bowl it’s a very different game with different mechanics.  In my experience people who love Blood Bowl play BB sevens, and people who don’t like Blood Bowl like Blitz Bowl. Games take 30-45 minutes, include most of the classic Blood Bowl teams, and campaign rules are available that allow a full campaign in 2 or 3 club nights.

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South West Coast Path

Inspired by the Salt Path, Stef suggested we hike the Sout West Coast Path. Split into weekend stages and making maximum use of public transport and staying in B&Bs so we can travel light. Using Komoot to plan each day and record our adventures!

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Oak & Iron Glossary

The Oak & Iron Glossary contains every rule, effect, upgrade, and status in alphabetical order. Designed for players who have played their first few games and need an easy to look up reference. A 2-page quick reference sheet is included. Available in A4, US Letter, iPad and Android tablet format with digital hyperlinks for easy navigation.

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Oak & Iron running rigging

Before adding running rigging to your ships you should complete the standing rigging tutorial. When I started painting Oak & Iron miniatures, I didn’t think I would be rigging them, I assumed they would be too small and the mast sculpts to simple to give good results. But they are really easy to rig and […]

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Fully rigged ships during a game of Oak & Iron.

Oak & Iron standing rigging

When I started painting Oak & Iron miniatures, I didn’t think I would be rigging them, I assumed they would be too small and the mast sculpts to simple to give good results. But they are really easy to rig and with a little extra effort, you can take your models to the next level. […]

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Pyrrhus of Epirus 280-272BC (DBA3 II/27b)

Pyrrhus is a wargaming classic!  Famous for defeating Rome in battle but at a massive cost, coining the term Pyrrhic victory* The Pyrrhic war was the first time the Roman legion went up against the Macedonian Phalanx pitting two of the most famous infantry formations in the ancient world in head to head battle.  Pyrrhus […]

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Black Seas ship flags

I wanted to make removable flags for my Black Seas ships so that I could have a flexible fleet, able to provide two medium size forces when I’m supplying all the models and a single large fleet when playing against other collections.  To make my flags removable I have glued magnets to the ship models, […]

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Cards for named ships include specific rules. To make them stand out I use two signal flags for named ships.

Black Seas ship cards

Although a nice idea, there are some shortcomings with the ship cards included in the game. Many of these are fixed by the after market options available, my favourite being Battlewiki’s ship trays.  These look amazing and provide all the required functionality, but New Zealand is a long way from Europe and so I wanted […]

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