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This site is a personal blog, focused on my love of tabletop wargames, boardgames and OSR roleplaying games.
I love making things and here you'll find my attempts to create useful content for games like quick reference guides, custom character sheets and player aids, along with little maker project (of variable success and usefulness).

It's also a handy place to share my hiking and cycling adventures with maps, photo galleries and GPS tracks.

Tabletop Player Aids

Game glossary, QR sheets and other player aids for some of my favorite games.

Wargame Modelling Tutorials

Create custom rigging for your ships, improved game components, and terrain tutorials.

Outdoor Adventures

Hiking, Camping, and Cycling around the UK and beyond.

Website improvements

I am in the process of tidying up the website using my new skills and experience so you will notice some minor improvements over the next few weeks:

  • Cleaning up and improving the home page with more useful links and a new image banner.
  • Tidying up the layout of content pages.
  • Optimised images to improve load times.
  • Introduction of a new gallery system linked ot my cloud storage (Google Drive or OneDrive, TBD)

Paul – May 2024

Universal Storage

A modular payload mod for Kerbal Space Program. Developed in partnership with Simon Hinton.

The original mod Universal Storage was released in 2016. Followed 2 years later but the sequal, Universal Storage II. The mod is currently maintained by LinuxGuruGamer.

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Early Carthaginian Army 340 – 275 BC (DBA3 I/61b)

Like many people getting into historical wargaming I went for the classic match up of Rome vs Carthage for my first two armies.  Everyone has heard of Hannibal crossing the Alps, and you get to play a number of famous battles filled with Romans and elephants. This is not those armies! The Later Carthaginian army […]

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DBA 3 Narrative Campaign The Pyrrhic War 280-275BC

There are a number of rules sets available for linear, narrative style campaigns, something that can be easily played in a couple of club nights. Super Steve’s Map-Less Wars campaign system published at is a fantastic example of a simple campaign system that links several battles together in a way that is simple but […]

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Balancing Universal Storage II

UPDATE:  Since publishing this article I have improved the process used to balance parts. The article has been updated accordingly. The first version of Universal Storage was balanced using real world examples. This involved researching storage techniques for each resource, using space program examples where possible, then calculating what each Universal Storage part could contain […]

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Food Shopping Calculator

When I lived in New York we would have our food delivered monthly.  However we found we were throwing a lot of food away as it rotted in the fridge. Eating out and eating ‘unplanned’ meals was the primary cause of this and we become increasingly annoying with the food waste. My solution was better […]

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2 minute tabletop (buildings)

A simple method for creating tough building tiles using 2 minute tabletop’s modular building system. Backed with thick board and coated with clear lacquer to protect the print, these should last for many gaming sessions.

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Cat litter box

Join me in my quest to make the ultimate cat litter box! Big enough for two cats, it features a large door to access the tray for cleaning, room for tools and spare litter, and my personal favorite, a motion sensor light so the cats don’t have to go in the dark!

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Shuttle Gaming PC

Can I build a gaming PC in a Shuttle XPC? Nothing too special, a Nvidia 1070 with a core i5 and SSD. Turns out the answer is yes as long as you don’t mind taking out everything except the motherboard to squeeze in the graphics card then building everything else around it.

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