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Balancing Universal Storage II

UPDATE:  Since publishing this article I have improved the process used to balance parts. The article has been updated accordingly. The first version of Universal Storage was balanced using real world examples. This involved researching storage techniques for each resource, using space program examples where possible, then calculating what each Universal Storage part could contain based on the model’s volume. This made for a accurate …

Food Shopping Calculator

When I lived in New York we would have our food delivered monthly.  However we found we were throwing a lot of food away as it rotted in the fridge. Eating out and eating ‘unplanned’ meals was the primary cause of this and we become increasingly annoying with the food waste. My solution was better planning via excel (of course)! The idea being to compile …

Shuttle Gaming PC

Can I build a gaming PC in a Shuttle XPC? Nothing too special, a Nvidia 1070 with a core i5 and SSD. Turns out the answer is yes as long as you don't mind taking out everything except the motherboard to squeeze in the graphics card then building everything else around it.