Universal Storage II – Snacks!



Resource wedges contain stock and Community Resource Pack resources for use in your craft.  All resource wedges are available in four size configurations, allowing for more storage without raising part count.  The core wedges are available in an otherwise stock KSP install, however several of the resources are also used in 3rd party mods and will be available for use in the expanded systems.

Radial Tank

Surface mountable tank which can be configured to carry various resources.  The radial tank makes a great addition to a rover or other small craft.
  • Wet cost: varies, see below
  • Wet mass: varies, see below
  • Node attach: No
  • Surface attach: Yes
  • Tech level: Survivability
  • Research cost: 2400
  • Category: Utility
  • Tags: Universal Storage Fuel Lifesupport Radial

3rd party mod compatibility


The radial tank can be configured to hold a variety of resources (depending on which 3rd party mods are installed)


  • Wet cost: 35
  • Wet mass: 0.035
  • Oxygen: 3593


  • Wet cost: 70
  • Wet mass: 0.031
  • Hydrogen: 7187


  • Wet cost: 15
  • Wet mass: 0.075
  • Monopropellant: 3.8

Liquid fuel / Oxidizer

  • Wet cost: 2.5
  • Wet mass: 0.034
  • Liquid fuel: 1.2
  • Oxidizer: 1.5


  • Wet cost: 45
  • Wet mass: 0.020
  • Snacks: 15

Snack package

Snacks tin built in wedge format to be mounted to Universal Storage cores. The entire wedge can be removed on EVA and placed with new equipment or storage. Four size variants are available.
  • Cost: 38
  • Mass: 0.013
  • Node attach: Yes
  • Surface attach: No
  • Tech level: Space Exploration
  • Research cost: 3600
  • Category: Utility
  • Tags: Universal Storage Wedge Supply Food Snacks

  • Snacks: 125

3rd party mod compatibility

Size configurations

The wedge is available in four height configurations.  Cost, mass, and capacity scale proportionally.